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Weight Loss Support


Wonder® Muscle Electrostimulation

Wonder offers the most powerful muscle electrostimulation technology to encourage muscle growth while also burning fat. It is the first and only aesthetic equipment that combines Focused Electromagnetic energy and High-Intensity Selective Neurostimulation to target six key areas of the body:



• Abdomen • Buttocks • Arms • Obliques • Quadriceps • Femoris

 Placing the device onto the targeted area, Wonder causes thousands of deep muscle contractions using electromagnetic and electrical impulses. These impulses are conducted through electromagnetic panels and sensors to the surface of the skin, causing the muscles to contract in a similar way to actual movement and regular muscle contractions. Both the electromagnetic and electrical impulses used in this treatment are based on the imitation of the signals our brain sends to the muscles during traditional physical exercise.

After multiple 25-minute treatments, you’ll experience the following benefits of this innovative treatment:

• Increased muscle tissue
• Increased strength
• Increased resistance
• Improved metabolic efficiency
• Muscular rehabilitation
• Increased vascularity
• Reduced musculoskeletal disorders
• Reduced body fat 


Slimyonik® Air bodystyler

Slimyonik®, currently one of the best and brightest technologies for body and cosmetic care, boosts your metabolism and lymph drainage through various programs of pressure.

Slimyonik® comes naturally and is completely painless. This device has the advantage of providing significant immediate and visible results.

The Slimyonik® Air Bodystyler suit is an individualised pressure massage treatment that uses science to its advantage. Created in Germany, the Slimyonik® Air Bodystyler suit works on the simple premise that oxygen is very good for our bodies, and the more we have of it, the better we feel and the better our metabolism will perform to effectively transform fat into water and what we exhale, carbon dioxide.  By undergoing this form of treatment we’re introducing oxygen -rich ambient air into body tissue, which stimulates it into a manner similar to exercise.  This this format, your whole self gains a multitude of other benefits, including :

* Cellulite reduction

* Firming and controlling of the silhouette

* Lymphatic drainage

* Water retention

* May burn up to 400 calories within 24 hours of treatment

   due to an activated metabolism after increased oxygen flow

* To promote recovery after high intensity training, reducing fatigue 

* Relaxation and feeling energised given the Slimyonik Air Bodystyler suit feels like a massage

* The removal of lactic acid, similar to a sports massage

* equivalent to a 5km run 



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