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Areola Tattoo

post mastectomy tattoo

An areola tattoo is a specialized form of tattooing that focuses on creating or restoring the appearance of the areola, the pigmented area around the nipple. This type of tattooing is often used in medical or cosmetic settings, particularly for individuals who have undergone breast surgery, such as mastectomy or breast reconstruction. Areola tattoos can: restore the natural look of the areola and nipple, enhance or alter the size, shape, and color of the areola also camouflage scars or imperfections around the breast area.

Areola Cosmetic Tattoo

Warning, this page consists of some confronting but beautiful photo’s of extremely strong proud real women who have experience the journey that is Breast cancer.

Post Mastectomy or Areola Cosmetic tattoo is the final part of the journey for patience .  Realistic tattoo’s are styled to suit each individual person.  Helen is the first in Australia to study the Vicky Martin method of Post mastectomy 3d nipple and areola tattooing.  The method has been meticulously formed over years of perfecting by London based Vicky Martin who has generously  passed on her techniques to Helen.

Helen says “What women who have had a mastectomy go through is their own journey and one that I can’t comprehend but I am so excited that I am now able to join them on that journey by helping them”.

Areola tattoo - procedure
Areola tattoo on practice skin

Bilateral tattoo (two)

Our patient had both breasts augmented but they where unfortunately uneven. 

Helen has provided a bilateral tattoo (two areola tattoo’s) for this patient lifting the right areola and lowering the left giving an illusion of the breasts being more even.

Areola Cosmetic tattooing is art, we are able to make some adjustments to each situation.

Lateral areola (one)

Our patient had an areola tattoo a few years before, the tattoo had faded and was originally designed  smaller than the natural breast.

Helen has freshened up the old tattoo and increased the size to match the natural areola creating a more realistic appearance.



Lateral areola

We all have our own wonderful shapes, this patient has an oval shaped natural areola.  The nipple was recreated by a wonderful surgeon, Helen has designed a natural looking areola and balanced the level of each breast with an illusion of placement of the areola.