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Eyebrow Tattoo

An eyebrow tattoo, often referred to as cosmetic tattooing, ombre brows, microblading, or permanent makeup, is a procedure that involves implanting pigment into the skin to create the appearance of fuller, well-defined eyebrows. This technique is popular among individuals looking to enhance their eyebrows’ shape, thickness, and symmetry.

Eyebrow tattoo eye with ombre brow

Powder Ombre Brows

Perfect for just about everyone, including the client that has a full brow already, wanting a more defined stand out look. Powdered brows have a soft makeup look and work great for clients with oily or mature skin. 

Ombre effect adds a deeper colour to the tail of the brow. Our powder/ombre brows are created using a tattoo machine  these beauties can last up to 3 years.

Powder/ombre procedure – $495

Perfection visit 6 weeks from initial procedure – $355

Full payment at first appointment $780


Hybrid Brows

A combination of micro-blading and powder brows.  Micro-blading hair stroke technique is used at the head of the brow to create subtle hair strokes and then the powder/ombre technique is used for the majority of the brow, adding dimension to you brows. 

Suitable for those clients with minimal natural brows. Let us create the perfect shape for you!

This technique allows us to build your eyebrow to a fuller more natural shape.

Hybrid procedure – $495  

Perfection visit 6 weeks from initial procedure – $355

Full payment at first appointment $780

Eyebrow tattoo two ombre eyebrows
Eyebrow tattoo microblade eyebrow with purple makeup


Also known as feather touch, 3d brows, embroidery brows

There’s no down time, amazing natural results, hair like strokes that mimic your own hair.  For the perfect brow that last up to 1 year. Results are typically achieved in two session, however this can differ depending on clients aftercare, skin condition and lifestyle. A handheld tool is used for this procedure.  This procedure is not idea for oily skin types.

Micro-blading procedure – $495

Perfection visit 6 weeks from initial procedure – $355 

Full payment at first appointment $780 


Eyebrow tattoo procedure

1. Consultation: Discuss the desired shape, color, and style with a technician.

2. Preparation: The area is cleaned, and a numbing cream is applied to minimize discomfort, the eyebrows are then drawn and  discussed to ensure they meet your desired shape .

3. Tattooing: The technician uses the chosen method to implant pigment into the skin. This can take approximatly one hours, depending on the complexity.

4. Aftercare: Follow specific aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing and pigment retention. This often includes avoiding water, makeup, and sun exposure on the treated area for a few days.

Eyebrow tattoo benefits

– Long-lasting results (typically 1-3 years, depending on skin type and aftercare)

– Saves time on daily makeup application

– Customizable to suit individual preferences

– Can correct asymmetrical or sparse eyebrows

Side Effects and Risks

– Redness, swelling, and minor scabbing during the healing process

– Risk of infection if aftercare instructions are not followed

– Potential for allergic reactions to the pigment

– Fading over time, requiring touch-up sessions to maintain the desired look

Overall, eyebrow tattooing is a popular cosmetic procedure for achieving low-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing eyebrows.