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Plasma Contraindications

This treatment is not suitable for:

Youthfull skin that is not lax (crepey) in the neck or hooded eye area,

Skin cancer within 6 months of treatmentAny active infection.

Overall good health is requited.

 Diseases such as a history of recurrent Herpes Simplex

Use of photosensitive medication, and/or herbs.

Immunosuppressive diseases including AIDS and HIV infection
or use of immunosuppressive medications.Diabetes unless under control.

History of bleeding coagulopathies or use of anticoagulants.

History of keloid scarring.

 A history of heart disease (heart pacemaker).

Use of oral or topical Retin A, vitamin A, 3 months prior.

 Surgery in the past 6 months

 Cuts and abrasions

 Deep bruising, we need proper circulation in the area for healing


 Fever, clients need to be in optimal health

 High or low blood pressure could cause additional swelling and a longer healing time History of hyperpigmentation

-Immediately after pregnancy, patients need to wait at least 3 months after pregnancy so the stomach is is the right position

Liver disease and/or any medication that affects the liver function, client needs to be in optimal health

Metal implants/plates or pins in the area to be treated

Open wounds/ulcers/sores (on treatment area)

 On regular prescription medication – requires GP approval

 Pacemaker fitter


Poor circulation

Pregnancy – currently pregnant

 Recent scarring in the area – scar needs to be completely healed

Skin disorders – Rosacia, active acne in the area, sensitive skin, inflamation

 Thrombosis – swelling in the limbs, swelling containing lympatic fluid – skin that doesn’t bounce back after pressing a finger on the area

Thyroid and other hormonal disorders

Clients skin colour to consider

Clients that are on the Fitzpatrick scale from 4 – 6

(darker skins, if you don’t know your skin type then please google Fitzpatrick scale to find out)

Clients with a darker skin are prone to hyperpigmentation, darker skin in the area of a scar or keloid scars (raised scars)

Please check the area around your elbows to see if skin is darker or around any scars before considering the treatment, book a free consultation if you are unsure

A test patch behind the ankle or ear is essential for any client with any of the above skin colour considerations

Once the test patch has healed (about 3 weeks) then a further test patch is the area to be treated will be advised