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Our Salon Policy

Eyelash extension infill requirements


 Infill’s must have at least 40% lash extensions remaining to qualify as an infill, anything less will require a full set, this will be advised before we start the treatment.


Infill from other salons 

We do accept infills from other salons however,
before booking please email a clear current photos of your lashes with your eyes closed showing the eyelid angle of the lashes so we can advise of the time needed for the booking or if the lashes will need to be removed and a new full set applied. 

Our guarantee does not apply whilst you still have lashes on from another salon.


What to expect at your first eyelash extension appointment 

Your lashes will be cleaned with our oil free cleaner to prepare the lashes for application.

Eye pads or medical tape will be placed over your bottom lashes so they don’t stick to the top lashes. 

Your eyes will be then closed for between 75-90 minutes, you can not open them in this time due to the fumes of the glue, for this reason please.

* do not bring baby’s or small children to the salon * 

* do not answer your phone during the procedure *

* do not chew gum as it will make your eyes move making it difficult to apply lashes *



When lash extensions come into contact with consistent salt, minerals and oil it will break down the bond prematurely between the lash extension and the natural lash other requirements for aftercare are listed below: cleanse your lashes regularly (at least 3 times a week) do not wear mineral make up near your eyes, including the forehead as it can drop down onto the lashes, the minerals will break down the glue no steam including from facials  only oil free mascara can be used (if you wish to wear a mascara) only oil free eyeliner, this is very important as an oily eyeliner will break down the glue you will receive a more instructive document regarding aftercare at your appointment.