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cosmetic tattoo

Lip Blush or Lipstick


Lip blush is a semi permanent cosmetic tattoo. Enhancing the lips natural tint and shape, giving them a boost of blush colour.  Lipstick tattoo is a more saturated colour.

It’s designed to define and outline your lips giving the illusion that they are fuller, but in a very natural way.  A second perfection appointment is included in this price.

A Lip tattoo can last up to 3 years   

Lip blush  or Lipstick- $880



Dark Lips Melanin Correction

If your lips are dark and you are wanting them lightened or they are patchy in places this is Melanin Correction. This procedure will take at least 2 visits but possibly with some clients can take up to 4 or 5. This booking is for 1st appointment plus 2nd perfection appointment, any additional appointments will be $300 each visit. It is necessary to book a consultation first to discuss options

First appointment – $880.00

Additional appointments $300.00 each